Knowledge Base

Your Guide to Digital Marketing Services and Tools by Hype Life Media.


Self-Help Articles
for Partners

We value our partners and clients so much that we provide them with their own Knowledge Base.

Hype Life Media saves time and resources by accommodating partners with a user-friendly platform and smooth processes from starting to completing a project.

Getting Started

These articles will outline our all our business-to-customer processes including onboarding, clients’ access, meetings, etc.

Client Portal

Guides clients on how to access and use our portal area.

File Manager

Learn to use our user-friendly file manager for accessing and sharing vital files such as previews and contracts.

Project Dashboard

Learn how to keep track of project progress and status.

Video Conference

Booking an appointment is easy and so is Converge, our video-conferencing platform, which allows us to meet online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digital Services

At Hype Life Media, we are transparent and honest at all times.
We believe that working with a digital agency should be easy and straightforward, and you should never feel unsure about how we do things.